Using your healthiest sperm makes parenthood more possible.

Our mission is to help you use your healthiest, most motile sperm in your fertility journey. Your healthiest sperm help increase your odds of success.

Healthy sperm help create a healthy embryo and a successful pregnancy

No matter your age or health status, put your best sperm forward.

ZyMōt devices help your fertility team select your best sperm.

Not all sperm are created equal

Male-factor infertility

If you’re dealing with male-factor infertility, you may have additional sperm health challenges that could stand in the way of your success: poor swimmers (low motility), too few sperm (low count), misshapen sperm (abnormal morphology), or damage to the genetic material that sperm contain (DNA fragmentation).

Not all sperm processing methods are equal

Some traditional methods can damage sperm (DNA fragmentation)

Traditionally, a fertility clinic would process your semen sample using multiple spinning steps (centrifugation) to separate out the good sperm from the bad sperm. That spinning procedure hasn’t changed much since the beginning of assisted reproductive medicine. Scientific research has even shown that spinning can damage sperm (DNA fragmentation), which can lead to poorer pregnancy outcomes. These multiple spins of your semen sample are not necessary with the ZyMōt device.

See the ZyMōt difference

The development and evolution of fertility technology has literally changed the way that families live and plan for their future. Yet in five decades of progress, innovations in sperm prep have moved at a glacial pace. Until now.

Taking the First Step

Talking to Your Doctor

Whether your fertility journey is toward IUI, IVF or ICSI, using your healthiest sperm helps maximize your odds of success. ZyMōt devices are a better way to process your sperm. Using ZyMōt devices enables your clinic to select your champion sperm.

ZyMōt devices are simple for your fertility team to adopt in their clinic and easy for a lab to use. Download this “conversation card” and show it to your doctor. Use it to spark a conversation to determine if ZyMōt devices are right for you.